TCL Spanish School (Escuela de Español) - Learn Spanish on the Costa Tropical, Spain!

Methodology and Teachers


The teaching method of TCLanguages is based on the task-based approach that helps the student to acquire a level of linguistic ability appropriate to their needs. The interaction between students, both inside and outside the classroom, creates the best environment to learn. The students take the lead role in completing the tasks, with Spanish as the language of communication.

TCLanguages has its own language level assessment test that is taken by each new student on arrival. After the test, the participant will be allocated to a group based on their written language skills and overall knowledge of the language. Oral language ability will be evaluated through conversation with their classmates in the classroom.

TCLanguages pays special attention to the ability level of each student. The effectiveness of the teacher-student relationship depends on each student being in the best conditions for them to learn. Therefore, the Coordinator of Studies may find it necessary to place a student in two different groups according to their skills and abilities. It’s therefore possible that groups might be changed around, if the teacher and Coordinator of Studies think it is appropriate. Such changes would usually take place on a Monday or Tuesday each week.


To carry out this methodology, the school has a professional teaching team, with specific methodological training provided by our centre to teach Spanish as a foreign language, as well as on-going training through the Cervantes Institute and other recognised organisations dedicated to the teaching of second languages. All teachers are native speakers and have university qualifications.


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