About Us

About us
TCLanguages is a Spanish school that combines language teaching with cultural and leisure activities through courses and stays for all those interested in learning about the Spanish language and culture. Through specific courses, it prepares for the certification of linguistic competence of validated exams related to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (DELE, Official School of Languages or Exams of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce for Spanish as a foreign language ).

The courses, stays and activities are aimed at all kinds of students: from adults, adolescents and children from 3 years of age, who are interested in knowing the Spanish language and deepening their knowledge of its culture, history, customs, way of life or any aspect related to the language and culture.




Our Mission is to transmit the culture of Spain and Spanish through its language and provide anyone who wants it the ability to communicate in Spanish to better understand ourselves and understand more than 400 million Spanish speakers in the world.

TCLanguages has a vocation of intercultural meeting space, where the fundamental norms of coexistence and respect for all sensitivity and culture must be respected, generating a space for learning and participation among all its members.



We want to offer and maintain a continuous commitment to academic excellence and the quality of our services.

We want to teach high quality language courses and language stays in Almuñécar and develop cultural and leisure activities that complement the learning of the Spanish language and culture among our students.

We want to be leaders in the Spanish language experience sector in Almuñécar and on the Costa Tropical.



  • Professional ethics, honesty and respect for all people.
  • Tolerance for the diversity of opinions, cultures and worldviews.
  • Tolerance for the diversity of people due to their origin, religion, ideology, they want to learn Spanish.
  • Solidarity as it is part of the way of being of Spanish and for this reason and now more than ever we invite everyone to be one.
  • Commitment to the service we offer.
  • Open attitude to change from educational innovation.
  • Leadership, initiative and professionalism in carrying out activities and solving problems.
  • Interaction of the different departments of the center to develop a culture shared by all its members.



Felipe Arellano Arellano

Director, Profesor ELE, Coordinador Académico


Degree in Philosophy from the University of Granada and Master in training of Spanish teachers at the University of Barcelona.

I am also an examiner of the DELE tests where I have worked as both Examiner and Chief Examiner.
Between 2010 and 2020 I have spent a decade working as a Spanish teacher in Barcelona and England. In all this time I have worked with both adolescents and adults. In addition to being a teacher, I have carried out other functions: tutor for intern teachers, I have collaborated in the production of materials, coordinated groups of adolescents and have accompanied in extracurricular activities. I have also been in charge of student assessment and certification.
All this experience is what I want to put into TCLanguages (TCL).

TCL is a challenge that I can only feel proud of and, at the same time, with a great responsibility. It is my wish that our center be a benchmark for teaching Spanish.

My main objective is that each student who goes through TCL leaves with the desire to return and the feeling of having felt at home.


Manuel Galiana García

ELE Professor, Marketing and Communication


After graduating in History at the University of Granada, he completed the CAP (Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude) at the same university, where he continued with a degree in Hispanic Philology. After a year in Granada, he continued his studies in Naples through the Erasmus scholarship and in Barcelona, where he combined studies in Hispanic and Italian Philology.

He followed one more course to complete a Master in Cultural Heritage Management. Back in Granada, he completed another Master in Marketing and Corporate Communication at the Andalusian Business School.

His experience as an ELE teacher began during his Erasmus period, helping his classmates in their Spanish subjects, already following professionally in different schools in Barcelona such as Kingsbrook or Don Quixote, in addition to other collaborations.

Already in Almuñécar, he joined Tclanguages in 2009 in addition to working as a proofreader for G + C, a magazine in the cultural sector. Between 2012 and 2014 he collaborated with the Education and Culture area of the Almuñécar City Council, where he was one of the promoters of the educational program "A sea of stories". He is also a teacher at the British Almuñécar International School.




Gloria Martínez Cumplido

Administración y Atención al Estudiante, Profesor ELE,