How to get to Almuñecat and TCLanguages

Before you arrive in Almuñecar, we will send you a Welcome pack with information about your lesson times and a map showing you

how to get to the school so that you won’t have any problems finding us.


But before that, if you don’t know how to get to Almuñecar, here is some more



By Air ( The majority of our clients usually come by air. The

nearest airports are: Granada (95km), Malaga (90km) and Almeria (150km), Malaga

being the most common, as it is one of the Spanish airports with the most

international passengers. From any of these airports you should go to the bus

station and buy a ticket to Almuñecar. The bus company is ALSA. At www.alsa.esou can see prices and timetables and even buy your ticket online (although we do

not recommend this, in case there is a delay with your flight).


       By Train ( If you choose to travel by train you should be aware that they only go to Malaga or Granada, so once you

get to either of these cities you should go to the bus station and catch a bus to Almuñecar

If you wish, we can organise a service for collection from the airport, to pick you up and take you straight to wherever in Almuñecar

you tell us (see Transfer Service).

      By Bus: The bus service to Almuñecar is run by ALSA. Their website is


The bus station is right in the centre of Almuñecar, making it easy to then reach your



By Car: If you are coming by car, find the best route at this website


If you would like us to give you more precise instructions, please let us know how you prefer to travel to Almuñecar.

Check this link for more information about public transport in Almuñecar: