Level test

Once you enrol, you will have to inform us of your approximate Spanish level and / or do the online test, but the first day, before

starting your Spanish lessons and if you have previous knowledge of Spanish, you will have to undergo our level test.

 After the test, the participant will be allocated to a group based on their written language skills and overall knowledge of the language.

Oral language ability will be evaluated through conversation with their classmates in the classroom.

 Most of our students usually come with different oral and written production levels. So we pay special attention to this, having

organized/programmed our General Intensive courses according to these differences. The effectiveness of the student’s learning

depends on their being in the best conditions for them to learn. Therefore, the Coordinator of Studies may find it necessary to place a

student in two different groups according to their linguistic skills and abilities.

It is therefore possible that groups might be changed around, if the teacher and Coordinator of Studies think it is appropriate.