Certificates and Examination


At the end of the course and if you have attended at least 80% of the lessons, you will receive the school Certificate of Attendance,

free of charge, specifying: Type of course; total number of lessons; start and end dates; and the achieved level.

If required, you may also receive a Certificate of Completion of TCLanguages. In this case, students must successfully pass an exam that

the school will elaborate and evaluate.


TCLanguages is EXAMINATION CENTRE of the following official exams:

D.E.L.E. (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera)

The Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official qualifications certifying the degree of competence and mastery of

Spanish, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

The DELE examination provides for all the different variants of the Spanish language. They are all considered as valid to obtain the


The DELE examinations have been designed following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

(CEFR) of the Council of Europe.

We offer courses specifically geared towards familiarizing participants with the different tests which comprise the exam.

The levels of the Diplomas in Spanish are integrated into the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)


DELE, Diploma in Spanish CEFRL Level
Diploma in Spanish Level A1 A1 Breakthrough
Diploma in Spanish Level A2 A2 Waystage
Diploma in Spanish Level B1 B1 Threshold
Diploma in Spanish Level B2 B2 Vantage
Diploma in Spanish Level C1 C1 Effective Operational Proficiency
Diploma in Spanish Level C2 C2 Mastery
  • The Instituto Cervantes schedules different examination sessions. You can consult dates here.
  • For the inscription you can link in this website  Inscripción examen DELE 
  • If you wish to undergo the exam with us, please, contact us in order we help you with the procedure.


What are the advantages of having a DELE diploma?

  • It is an official title of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain (granted by the Cervantes Institute) that corresponds to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, as appropriate.
  • Certifies a candidate's command of Spanish in the world, regardless of the center or method of study.
  • It has indefinite validity and international recognition.

Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry exams

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with the University of Alcalá, certifies the linguistic command of

Spanish for specific purposes in Business, Healthcare and Tourism fields.

We also offer preparation courses and arrange the tests at any time, to obtain the following Certificates and Diploma:

Certificates and Diploma
CEFR Level
Diploma of Commercial Spanish C2 Mastery
Superior Certificate of Commercial Spanish C1 Effective Operational Proficiency
Superior Certificate of Spanish for Tourism
Superior Certificate of Medical Spanish
Basic Certificate of Commercial Spanish B2 Vantage
Basic Certificate of Spanish for Tourism
Basic Certificate of Medical Spanish
  B1 Threshold
  A2 Waystage
  A1 Breakthrough