Activities & Excursions in Almuñécar

Activities and Trips

Since Almuñecar and its surroundings have so much to offer, we organise cultural, leisure and free time activities to increase our

students’ socio-cultural knowledge of Spain, both in and out of the classroom.

You will only have to pay for those which incur transport, entrance or eating and drinking costs or, if necessary, a specialist guide.

All trips and activities have an accompanying teacher or guide, however if there are not enough participants to arrange them and you

are very interested, we will help you to organise them yourself.



  • Walks and Visits around the town and its surroundings: Tours around the most interesting

areas, visiting the more typical

quarters, the old parts, learning curious historical facts and legends about the town’s

origins, for example: the historical town centre, The “Majuelo” (vinery) Park and salting

factory; upper Almunecar, the Roman water course with a visit to the aqueduct

park; a visit to a subtropical plantation (bus fare costs); etc.

  • Visits to monuments, museums and shows (entrance fee):

Visits to the Archaeological Museum and “San Miguel” Castle, the Ornithological Park, the

Aquarium, the “Claves de Almuñecar” (keys to Almuñecar) museum, Flamenco concerts

and shows, etc.

  • Sports

  • Games on the beach

  • Spanish-style breakfast (eating and drinking costs) : hot chocolate with “churros” (fritters), toast with fresh tomato and olive oil,

freshly-squeezed orange juice, …

  • Tapas Route (eating and drinking costs): This is one of our students’ favourite activities. The whole province of Granada is known

for its “tapas”, not only is it a tradition, but also a way of life. We go to different bars where each drink is accompanied by a

free “tapa” (a portion of food: Spanish omelette, fried fish, etc.).

  • “Tapas” Tasting (eating and drinking costs): Tasting a variety of “tapas” in one particular bar is arranged.

  • Aquatic Park “Aquatropic” (summer only) (entrance fee)


In the classroom:

  • Workshops on music, writing, phonetics, cinema, etc.

  • Debates and activities about current affairs


  • Tutorials

The program of activities is NOT obligatory; therefore a minimum number of participants is required

in order to be able to arrange them.



  • Granada

  • Nerja/ Caves/ Frigiliana

  • The Alpujarra

  • Morocco (weekend trip)

  • Hiking  expeditions


Other courses and activities

We can give you information about other courses and activities offered by various professionals and companies in Almuñecar, for


  • Windsurfing

  • Snorkelling

  • Paragliding

  • Flamenco and “Sevillana” dancing

  • Guitar

  • Horse Riding

  • Skiing