Methodology and Teachers


Our teaching method is communicative, based on a task-based approach. All the 4 skills are covered: listening, speaking, reading and

writing (listening comprehension, oral expression and interaction, reading comprehension and written expression and interaction).

This way the student acquires a level of communicative and linguistic ability appropriate to their needs.

The use of Spanish in the classroom from beginner level is very important for us. For this, we use all the material and didactic

resources in order to achieve effective oral communication, but also written, from the very first moment.

The interaction between students, both inside and outside the classroom, creates the best environment to learn. The students take the

lead role in completing the tasks, with Spanish as the language of communication.

We have a School Educational Program that includes our methodology and a daily Syllabus for our Spanish courses with all the aims

and contents for each level, as well as other aspects of the school.

Samples of Didactic Units: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


To carry out this methodology, we have a professional and dynamic teaching team. All teachers are native speakers and have

university qualifications and also specific methodological training.  They have a specific methodological preparation taught by our

center to teach

Spanish as a foreign language and are in continuous training. Since, they carry out continuous training thanks to the courses of

training of the Training Department of the Cervantes Institute and other official entities dedicated to the teaching of second


The number of teachers in TCLanguages may vary between 3 to 5.