Due to the progressive implementation of emergency measures to combat the Coronavirus COVID-19 in different countries, we announce that:


- DELE calls for April and May are canceled in all countries.


We are studying to move the candidates of these calls to July and September and give more flexibility to the dates so that the candidates can take the exams once the situation is normalized. We will confirm it shortly.


 The situation is changing and therefore complicated, so surely other cancellations or changes will be added progressively, which we will communicate to you, but the entire team of the Cervantes Institute is working (from home to comply with the regulations) with full energy so that When this situation happens, the activity will resume and normalize as soon as possible.


Because we are studying these and other measures to be able to provide the service to the candidates and minimize the inconvenience of cancellations, we ask you for a little time and patience to try to manage different situations. Our objective is to try to ensure that the candidates can have an examination date already defined and from there, themselves in the case of Spain, they can change to other dates if they wish.


We confirm that any candidate affected by these special circumstances of mobility will have the right to a full refund of their registration if the solution of being transferred to another call did not suit them, or simply for personal reasons. We are serving them normally from our user service center-CAU ( but if they contact you, please refer them to this channel.


1. DELE call for April 2020
The DELE call of April 17, 2020 is canceled.


Candidates enrolled in the April call will be transferred to the July call, which will take place on the 10th. Registration changes will be made from the Instituto Cervantes and the candidate will receive notification of the change made.


Therefore, the DELE A1 will be included in the July call, which is generally not offered in that call, to respond to those registered in April.


In summary, the DELE exam on July 10 includes exams A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1, and it is offered to candidates registered for the April exam, as well as for the July exam itself.


Candidates of the April call transferred to July who prefer to take the exams in another call, may change their registration to another or request the refund of the full amount:

- If they are enrolled in an examination center in Spain, the candidate himself may make the change or request for a refund, on the page

- In the case of candidates registered outside of Spain, the request to change the call, or to cancel, will be made at the examination center where each candidate is registered.


The Cervantes Institute will contact its examination centers directly to give them more precise indications of operation and to deal with the particular cases of each one of them.

2. DELE call for May 2020

The DELE call for May 2020, is modified as follows:

- DELE for schoolchildren (A1E and A2 / B1E) the call is canceled.

- General DELE (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2) the call in Europe is canceled. Outside of Europe, all general exams will be administered on the scheduled date: May 16.

The candidates registered in the May call affected by these cancellations will be transferred to the September 2020 call:

· Friday, September 11: DELE for schoolchildren (A1E and A2 / B1E).

· Saturday, September 12: general DELE (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).


Candidates who want to cancel their registration or transfer it to another call, may do so in accordance with the guidelines specified in point 1.

3. The DELE calls for October and November are maintained.

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